Alexandra Kostrubala

Drug chewing gum or chewing gum "Knark Plattan" addresses my view on how the problems in society are dived into different categories and some time things like gum gets over looked... or falls through the cracks. I work at City i samverkan (City in Cooperation) and have been active in many projects.

City i samverkan I see as a verb and not a noun an act to unionize ones efforts to benefit society as a whole. Unfortunately this verb has been only exercised in the concerns of safety and crime prevention. And in September 2000 there was a huge article making the prophecy of City i samverkan an seeming ugly one. That it is ala McDonnell's and bad. Well I think it is important to take in consideration that which is done and at the time this article was written Karen Tergby quit City I Samverkan who was representing the Kulturhuset (Cultural House). Leaving only me left in the cultural organization.

Tomorrow I will meet Stella Farha at the State House for lunch and plan on giving her an Knark Plattan as well as to Karen Tergby and I am sure they will read it as that I am really for destroying the square but in reality I am raising a red flag to my fellow artists to get involved. I am afraid of this polarization. It is a direct catalyst to awaken the fact that we artist must get more involved in Politics and organization. That we should not be a whore to the elitist that we also care about our society and get involved.