Publikation( ) is the collective name for presentations of different kinds of contemporary culture on initiative of Annelie Nilsson and Susann Rönnertz (artists).
Publikation( ) reflects on subjects that contemporary artists, filmmakers, comicsartists, musicians, writers etc are focused on right now. The prototype is the fanzine, the pamphlet and the artistbook.

The starting point for Publikation( ) is elementary writings in minor editions formed in different places such as fanzine, texts at art exhibitions, minor art catalogues, manifests, artist books and manuals within the sphere of culture. Forms of traditions in which the publisher himself elaborates, prints and even distributes the issue. These types of writings are most often spread in limited circles and are difficult to access for the public and are seldom found in libraries or in searchable catalogues.

By offering a possibility of production and distribution through Publikation( ) we try to reach a wider public with the 90 issues which also becomes a sort of cultural time document or an archive of simultaneous pictures and narration of our time.

In order to gain a wider dissemination of participants we have chosen a domino method. We started by sending invitations to many people within our network and to colleagues in Sweden and abroad with the offer of sending on invitations to others. Through this method we want to reach out of the usual process of selection and announce for an increased generosity in exchange of knowledge between people.

Every issue is designed by one or more participant and deals with widely differing topics. The production of Publikation( ) is facilitated by ourselves with our "digital printing office", i.e. a colour laser printer, a stitching/folding machine and a cutting machine.

Publikation( ) is distributed through [ is a webpage distributing contemporary art and referring to other webpages which deal with art and art related subjects.] Here you may request single copies and information about the issues of Publikation( ) and the participants.

Publikation( ) will be available for orders on

Publikation( ) is managed by the artists Susann Rönnertz and Annelie Nilsson in Malmö, with the support of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Sveriges Bildkonstnärsnämnd).