Lesley Young besökte releasen av Publikation( ) på Panora i Malmö. Hon bestämde sig för att presentera projektet Publikation( ) och ett urval nummer i utställningen Serial context på Dundee Contemporary Arts i Skottland.

Lesley Young visited the release of Publikation( ) at Panora in Malmö. She decided to present the project Publikation( ) and some issues in the exhibition Serial context at Dundee Contemporary Arts in Scotland.

Serial context
Saturday 9 November 2002 - Sunday 12 January 2003

This CAB exhibition considers serial publications produced by European artists, form the late 1960s to today. Often produced in situations of limited resources or poverty these magazines, journals and diverse serial publications break with publidhing conventions: the artists themselves dictating contents, schedules and formats. Many of these titles have found an audience to support and encourage their production over long periods.

Whether the publications were produced uin addition to or as a central part of their practice the artists share an approach to the serial publication as a primary means of research, a means to link ideas, subjects and specialisms too disparate for conventional conclusions.

Included in this exhibition will be issues of Metronome, (ed. Clementine Deliss), Art & Language (ed. Terry Atkinson, David Bainbridge, Michael Baldwin and Harold Hurrel), Inventory, Finger (ed. Martin Brandt, Flaorian Haas, Claudia Hammel and Andreas Wolf) and Control (ed. Stephen Willats).

The exhibition is curated by Lesley Young, and independent curator and writer currently based in Malmo.