"I photographed people at the Magdalenafjord. It was a good opportunity; everyone looks surprisingly happy and present. The weather was so bad that it was impossible either to think or stand and pose for too long. The relation to the person, i.e. the distance (normal focal length) became surprisingly clear. After a twenty-four-hour acquaintanceship! and that's the way it remained. The shutter got stuck after I photographed you, but I don't think I could have continued much longer anyway: I would have become too self-conscious and systematic. At Sveanor I returned to the personal photos. At that point everyone stood there completely self-absorbed and just allowed the sun to shine on themselves. I too have a sequence of seal photos from the 14th of July Glacier. I was the one, sitting with my back to the seal, who finally thought we were almost too close. Telephoto lenses do alter one's relation to the object. How close did you want to get?
Distance and elusiveness are my strongest impressions of the surrounding nature and that does show in my photos. It's rarely just one picture but groups, sequences, panorama shots.There are several states andmoods but no real picture.
like riding prone on a camel