"The background is a vast polar landscape. It is to be seen as a projection screen - an actual screen. Mapping produces an object, or in fact two. The act of naming confirms new existences. The place names reflect the various hopes and claims that were inspired. Above of all there is a potential, a potential profit, a potentially strategic interest - many months of 'eternal' day light. There is a strong physical presence; in seasickness and in the sudden contacts with the interiors of the boat. There is an effort to evoke events of the past, to impose a 'memory landscape' on to the beaches, cliffs and heaps of gravel. The immaterial and the material are both very present: the concentration on handling the next few seconds and the wish to overcome time. There is a wish to overcome distance and there are many technical gadgets to meet that wish. The focus of attention constantly shifts. Events turn into examples. Examples into compounds.